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What Cathy has is truly a gift, one that she uses to assist and heal others. No matter how busy or tired I am prior to our booked session, I always feel uplifted and invigorated afterwards….a session with Cathy is like a massage for one's soul - her intention is pure love and its shows! She is so keenly intuitive and her readings blow me away with their accuracy & specificity time and time again. Some of my most incredible breakthroughs have come through the Journey Work. Since we started working together  I feel more peaceful and have seen many miracles manifest in my life - they are becoming a daily occurrence. Amazingly, all this has been accomplished THROUGH THE PHONE. Every single session I have ever had with Cathy, from day 1 has been over the phone - it is obvious to me, that one does not need to be physically there to reap the benefits of her coaching. I have completely changed for the better from my first session with Cathy, nearly a year ago.

S.G. Canada

"I have been seeing Cathy regularly over the past year.  I have had coaching, readings, and have done Journey work, and my life has changed in so many unbelievable ways. My health has never been better, my marriage is on a healing path, and I am happier than I have ever been.  Most importantly, I respect and love myself.  Words cannot describe how grateful I am for Cathy.  She's the angel in my life! "  

Kristie Blakesley (Esthetician, La Costa, California)

"Cathy, it is with great honor and excitement that I send this testimonial to you. You have guided me to spiritual healing of my soul.  As this is not complete, nor will it end, you have introduced a foundation for me to build upon.  This has been monumental in my own self belief, my marriage, my relationship with my daughters, and my relationship with others.  The introduction to other healers has been instrumental not only to help me be mentally healthy , but physically as well.  For this I am forever thankful.  Your guidance has been inspirational and I want to reach out with my new found knowledge.   You have a kind soul and a gentle touch.  May peace be with you always."

Grant Blakesley (Firefighter/Paramedic)

"Cathy, were it not for our phone session there might have been very little hope for my relationship. With your guidance and our positive interaction I was able to listen to my intuition and it said that I needed to unlock my heart. It was a total transformation of how I felt before vs. after our phone session. Thank you so much for being there when I needed it most".

A.B. (Independent Corporate Trainer, Oregon)

"Cathy I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful session yesterday and for all of your divine inspiration and guidance!  I really appreciate your generous spirit and compassionate nature. Your work is a perfect compliment to the energy work I do both personally and professionally. I feel like I want to tell everyone about you.(Which, I guess I have so far!  It's just been such an amazing experience, I keep talking about it to all my friends. I can't wait to tell my clients and students, too.I don't know anyone who wouldn't benefit from this.) You are really gifted, my heart feels so much lighter and more optimistic. I am very grateful for you and your tremendous gift.I really wanted to share my abundance of gratitude with you. As I said yesterday, you're an angel."

Kathryn Holt (Feng Shui Consultant) www.fengshuiresource.com

"Cathy I want to thank you for the very lovely reading you did for me. I am very glad you came into my sphere and you can be sure that I will stay in touch.You might be interested to know that last night I got word that the giant grant I was working to obtain came through!!!  2.5 million $ over 5 years to help families with small children get their lives in order........I am soooooooooooo excited I can hardly stand it AND I just won a lotto ticket for $103..............!!!  Thank you for being the "messenger".
Much love and light to you, beautiful Being"

Cheryl A. (Cardiff By The Sea, CA)  

Hi Cathy, I just wanted to thank you again for all the great work you're doing and how much I appreciate you entering into my life. I have been much happier  since I've started to work with you. Adrienne came up to me today and said, "you're absolutely glowing" I said,"I know! I've started to talk to myself a lot nicer and I really can tell a physical and emotional difference"!  Without your guidance my life would be completely different. You've really helped me learn how to live my life with joy and I gotta tell you it's pretty great. You are an incredibly special person!"  

Tammy M. (Solana Beach, Ca)

Once in a while the universe gives us a gift to enable those of us that truly believe in goodness and love to see that it is here among us. There still are a few people here that we can believe, trust and depend upon when our path seems difficult. Cathy you have filled our lives with unconditional love and light.

Stephen Merrick (Hair designer and salon owner, Cardiff, Ca.)

"Cathy is one of the most exceptionally committed individuals I've ever had the pleasure of knowing.  She is highly committed to personal growth.  She is sincerely committed to spiritual deepening.  She is eager in her commitment to applying her numerous counseling and care giving skills to helping others lead fuller and richer lives.  Cathy is enormously intuitive, emotionally attuned to the 'nth degree,' and operates with a sincere and honest soul at all times.  Though already very knowledgeable in her field, she continually hungers to learn and apply new insights into what makes us humans 'tick.'  A heart of gold, a pure spirit: Cathy has so very much to offer to 'anyone with ears to hear.”

Robert Weathers, Ph.D.
(Licensed Clinical Psychologist. Former Professor of Psychology at Pepperdine University Graduate School of Education and Psychology, Malibu, California .Former Clinical Director of Passages Residential Treatment Center, Malibu, California)

“Cathy is gifted. Her heart is so pure and her intuitive talent is astounding. Cathy can combine the messages of the sacred cards with her earthy wisdom to give you a heavenly experience”.

Audrey Hope
(Spiritual Counselor at Passages Rehab in Malibu, CA. Producer/Host of International award winning talk show Real Women. Featured Columnist in Awareness Magazine)

Dear Cathy,

Thank you, thank you, thank you for the wonderful Tarot reading last night, right from the comfort of my own home.  Thanks for offering the reading by telephone as that really helped with my crazy schedule.I agree with what Tammy said this morning about how nurturing, supportive and gentle you do your readings.I also liked how your enthusiasm and excitement slipped in also.Thanks so much for confirming what I know to be the biggest need in my life and that is to take time to relax, be still and listen....I encourage every Team Women Member to give themselves the gift of listening by having a reading. xoxoxoxoxoxo,

Judi Finneran

"Cathy is an insightful and gifted spiritual guide. She is uncanny in her ability to bring her keen intuition and heartfelt compassion forth in her dedicated service to others. Her readings are both insightful and thorough. My work with Cathy has become a valued resource in my personal and professional development."

Jeff Wright M.F.T.
(Psychotherapist, San Francisco


You are an Angel and I am so grateful. You have touched my life in such a profound way. WOW! You are a one stop shop for the confused souls (like me). I can not thank you enough for your extremely thorough synopsis of my reading. These cards tell the story of what I am in the middle of...confirmation that my intuition and wisdom must be trusted and not questioned by my inner critic. I cannot wait to see you again and trust me, I will tell EVERYONE about your awesome intuitive, nurturing abilities.  Thanks to you, I'm back in the driver seat. Your heart is guided by a higher power and you listen! You inspire me!”  

(Working mother of triplets; Rancho Santa Fe, CA


I want to thank you for the reading. I have come out of it with a calmed soul
and a stronger light for sure.  I KNOW I still have a long way to go, but I
feel much better, and really feel like I have something behind me in my
ventures.  Thank you so much, it was like chamomile tea for my soul. In fact you are an inspiration in my rethinking the way in which I am rebuilding my life. You have my full recommendation to all those interested.

Encinitas, CA.)


Thank you so much for the reading you gave me last night. It was very insightful and helpful. It definitely gave me validation that I am on the right path with my career!

Your readings are really good and very accurate. I'm not surprised you are getting positive feedback!!

Jana Hollingsworth
(Human Design Analysis,
certified Holistic Health Practitioner, Flower Essence Practitioner, Equine Assisted Therapist, 2nd Degree Reiki Practitioner, Licensed Massage Therapist, Executive Assistant,  Los Angeles, CA)

Cathy is a wonderful integrative therapist, with an extensive, professional, educational and experiential background.  I have had several tarot readings from her. What sets her apart, I feel, is her ability to entertain, uplift and inspire, within the context of a thoughtful and information-filled tarot reading.

Judy Julin
(Founder & CEO of Cosmikids at The Deepak Chopra Center)

Thanks so much for your thoughts and suggestions. You'll be happy to know I turned the corner the MOMENT I left your apartment. I think I needed the wake up call and you totally did that for me. Things are going great :)  Even my friends are like, boy that Tarot Card Reading changed you!!!! Thank you again, for everything.

Tina Wilson,  www.nocomommysbiz.com

You're a gift to me. I am excited about manifesting and using energy to create stuff for myself, but being such a beginner leaves me feeling unsure. Everything you've said has manifested in my life. My life has changed so drastically since you did that reading for me. Thank you so much for your influence on my personal growth.  You are an awesome role model as well.  Every time I see you, your light is shining so bright. 

Lori Kurz, Solana Beach, CA.


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